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Where Can You Get a Caulk Tube Saver That Actually Works?

Updated: Mar 21

Being able to preserve a used caulking tube can be challenging and inconvenient, especially with DIY projects where you only need a little bit of product at a time. A good caulk tube saver will make your life much easier and hassle-free.


Why Do Other Caulking Sealers Not Work?

A workman caulking outdoor trim with a StrapCap attached.

Many homeowners have started up a project at home, running to their basement to grab a tube of caulk that they’ve used in the past, only to find that their efforts to preserve the tube are rendered null. From nails to screw caps, homeowners have tried many different solutions just to find the tube dries up and becomes unusable in a very short span of time.


This becomes incredibly inconvenient since tubes like RTV silicone tend to be convenient for a quick patch and then need to be stored. Not only is it a cost sink to waste tubes of caulking, but it’s incredibly inconvenient finding a bad tube and having to go to the hardware store to buy a fresh one.

So why do most other caulk tube savers not work? The challenge is creating a proper seal on both ends of the caulking tube without damaging or sticking to the tip. A nail is more prone to get stuck and need to be pulled out, and makeshift caps don’t have a good way to hold in place and tend to create a bad seal.


StrapCap, the Ideal Caulk Tube Saver


The best way to preserve a tube of caulk is by creating a good seal on both ends without sticking to the material, and that’s where StrapCap comes in handy. Not only can the tube be used while you’re working, keeping the tube sealed in between uses, but it also comes with a handy base to seal both ends of the tube.


The nozzle and base are held together by an adjustable marine-grade bungee, meaning you keep a tight seal on the tube but the nozzle is also very easily removable for use! StrapCap has kept products fresh for years past their expiration date.


StrapCap is available in select hardware stores now, click here to learn more about how StrapCap can benefit you!



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