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How to Save Caulk After Opening

Updated: Aug 16, 2023

Many homeowners have had troubles with tubes of sealant, as they tend to go bad quickly depending on the material. Figuring out how to save caulk after opening and avoid the expiration date can save you both time and money.

The Challenges with Saving a Caulking Tube

StrapCap on a caulking gun keeping silicone fresh.

Your average contractor or do-it-yourself worker uses tubes of caulk very frequently and understands the challenges of trying to use a tube of caulking after a longer period, but the new homeowner might not!

Depending on the material type, once a caulking tube is opened and in use, the product has a limited period before it is unusable… unless you store the tube properly. Some tubes of caulking will last a few months, some will last days, but even the tubes with longer lifespans will begin to harden and get tougher to use in the caulking gun.

Many contractors use tricks like a wire nut or nail, but both tend to get stuck regardless, and the tube still hardens over time. For homeowners, the infrequent use of caulking tubes makes it very challenging not to waste material, as tubes get thrown away after a use or two.

StrapCap: The Best Way to Save Caulk After Opening

The best solution for both the homeowner and contractor is StrapCap, a handy, simple solution that straps onto any caulking gun or tube and effectively seals the tube in storage.

StrapCap works as a caulk tube saver because it seals the tip with a nozzle and the back with a base and keeps everything together with a marine grade bungee. StrapCap is especially helpful while working because the user can strap the nozzle right onto the tip in between uses!

Figuring out how to save caulk after opening can be quite frustrating, but StrapCap makes for an easy, cost-effective solution that saves you time and keeps the mess to a minimum! Click here to shop for StrapCap.

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