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How to Open Caulking Tubes and Seal them to Use Later

Updated: Mar 20

If you’re a new homeowner looking to do your own work, chances are you’ve tried to figure out how to open caulking tubes and reseal them after. There are plenty of ways to accomplish this; but some are more effective than others!

The Trick to Using Caulking Tubes Effectively

Many new homeowners end up needing to open up a caulking tube, whether it’s for fixing the windows or repairing tiling or outdoor work. Caulking and sealant are fairly common due to the wide variety of products available and effectiveness of using caulk to create a good seal. It’s fairly simple to understand how to open caulking tubes, but might take a few tries to get the hang of; in addition, sealing the tube is another challenging matter.

Caulking tubes are punctured/let air in through the nozzle as well as the back; the first thing you’d want to do is cut the tip of the tube. Where you cut the tip entirely depends on the viscosity of whatever you’re using, but it’s recommended that you cut shallow at first and cut a little more as needed.

Once the tube is cut and placed in the caulking gun, using the caulking gun will press the plunger and break the seal on the back of the tube. From there, the tip cut can be adjusted to get the right flow of material, but it’s important to pull the plunger back before you cut.

How to Open Caulking Tubes and Store them with StrapCap

Once the tube is cut and material is flowing, it’s easy enough to run beads of caulking and get the work done as needed. However, the tube will tend to leak in between uses, and once you remove the tube it’s tough to store in an effective manner. The seal for the tube is punctured on both ends, and items like makeshift caps and nails tend to get stuck.

The best solution would be StrapCap, which can be attached to the gun and used to seal the tube in between uses, and also comes with a handy base to store the tube and keep the product fresh farther past its lifetime. For more on StrapCap, click here.

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