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Caulk Tube Storage Made Easy with StrapCap

Updated: Mar 20

Dealing with long-term caulk tube storage is a headache for both homeowners and contractors. How can you keep your tubes fresh over a long span of time?

Why Most Strategies for Storing Caulking Tubes Do Not Work

StrapCap keeping a caulking tube fresh on a workbench

Whether you own a home or work in a trade, chances are you’ve dealt with some kind of caulking or sealant product.

There are a wide variety of types of products and applications, from RTV on the window sills to adhesive caulking for wood or PVC, and they all tend to have storage challenges. The average person elects to use some kind of makeshift cover on the tube to solve the issue.

Since a lot of tubes are used on job sites, the common solutions are things like wire nuts or nails/screws to keep things plugged.

However, the product still hardens over time and tends to make it difficult to remove the makeshift cap. It’s common for a nail to get stuck in a tube and is just not feasible to remove, leading to the user throwing out the tube and wasting plenty of product.

Why StrapCap Is the Superior Caulk Tube Storage for Homeowners and Contractors

Unlike these makeshift solutions and other caulk cap options, StrapCap acts as a caulk tube storage device that keeps the tube fresh far past its expiration date. StrapCap seals the caulking tube effectively with both a nozzle on the tip, a base on the back, and a marine-grade bungee strap keeping everything together.

Users have found that products that would last weeks/months can normally last for years while stored with StrapCap!

StrapCap is the best solution for caulk tube storage and will save you time and money when using most sealant products; to see more on StrapCap, click here.

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