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What Kind of Caulk tube Sealer will Preserve Product?

Many homeowners and contractors alike have struggled with tubes of partially-used caulk over time, is there an effective way to seal a caulk tube and keep the tube fresh?


Why Sealing your Caulk Tube Doesn’t Work


You’ve probably seen a half-used caulk tube sealed with a nail, or a wire cap, or wrapped with plastic to keep the tip sealed. The average homeowner doing quick work in the house doesn’t often use the entire tube in one sitting, and creates these kinds of makeshift seals on the nozzle to keep the tube fresh.


However, when using that tube months or even weeks later, it gets tougher and tougher to unseal, use, and reseal. Nails especially tend to make too good a seal at the top in such a way that they are tough to remove, and wirecaps and plastic sheets are often not very effective in making a seal.


The issue with the seal is that not only is the back of the tube not being properly sealed, but the attachment on the nozzle doesn’t make a good seal without getting stuck.


The Best Option for a Caulk Tube Sealer

The best strategy in sealing a caulking tube is StrapCap, which attaches a nozzle and base to both ends of the tube and keeps the entire seal secure with a marine grade bungee. That way, the nozzle easily pops off when you want to use the tube again.


In fact, StrapCap can preserve the lifespan of tubes significantly, with some tough-to-use products lasting up to a year or more, and StrapCap can be used while you work to keep the tube from leaking.


StrapCap is available now in select Lowes and Ace Hardware stores! Click to learn more about the best caulk tube sealer on the market.

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