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The Best Tools for DIY Handyman Projects

Many homeowners are transitioning to indoor DIY handyman projects over the winter, completing jobs around the house. What are the best tools to keep the workplace clean?

Do-it-Yourself Projects around the House

Any homeowner knows that home maintenance is a constant chore, whether you’re doing smaller tasks or larger renovations to keep the house in good shape and well-valued. Contractors are often expensive, so taking on DIY handyman projects where you can makes the most sense, since you can get the work done in your spare time and save a little money.

Oftentimes, homeowners save their outdoor projects for the summer and warmer months and reserve indoor work for the winter. With the colder weather coming, many homeowners will be taking on more indoor-based projects, which means the home becomes your workspace.

DIY Handyman Projects Made Easy with StrapCap

Homeowners often use tricks including plastic sheeting and special covers to keep their home protected while they’re working, especially with messier materials like caulk or sealant. Caulking guns tend to leak, even when pressure is removed, which makes it tricky to quickly run beads of caulk, place the caulking gun down, and do any work necessary before running another bead of caulk.

StrapCap is the tool to have on your DIY handyman projects, because it pops on and off the caulking tube with ease and attaches right to the gun. When you’re done with the tube, you can pop a StrapCap over the tube with the base, sealing the tube at both ends and keeping it fresh for the next time you need it! Check out StrapCap here for more.

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