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How to Reuse Caulk Tube Effectively

Updated: Mar 20

You’ve probably tried a few different methods to reuse caulk tube with different sealing approaches. Why do most of them not work, and what’s the best solution?

Why Do Caulking Tubes Not Seal Properly?

StrapCap on a caulking tube for storage

It’s fairly common for homeowners and contractors to need something like a caulking or sealant tube for a brief job. From there, they want to be able to store the tube until the occasion arises that they need to use the tube again. The problem is, most of these strategies don’t work well, either because they’re not forming an effective seal or they’re made of a material that tends to stick too easily to the tube.

When you use a caulking gun to open a tube, you’re breaking a seal at both ends of the tube, allowing air into the tube, and depending on the material you’re using it will begin to harden over varying periods of time. To properly reuse caulk tube, you need to create a good seal on both ends of the tube in such a way that you can remove the seal afterwards. Makeshift caps and screws tend to be bad solutions because the caps don’t create a good seal and the screw is too effective of a seal and can’t easily be removed.

The Best Way to Reuse Caulk Tube without Wasting Material

When you seal the tube, you’re aiming to use something similar to a makeshift cap that is held secure in such a way that it creates a good air seal without getting stuck on the caulking tube tip. A product like StrapCap is effective here, because the cap is held by a marine grade bungee to a base that seals the backside of the tube as well. You can use StrapCap while you’re working as well to keep tubes from leaking while you’re in between using the caulking gun.

StrapCap can make your life easier when it comes to trying to reuse caulk tube; no more makeshift caps or covers that you struggle to remove from the tube. To learn more about StrapCap, click here.

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