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How to Open Caulk Tube and Keep it Fresh for Reuse

Updated: Mar 20

Many a homeowner has had to buy caulking or sealant for a quick project and end up needing the tube again for intermittent projects. However, the tube ends up unusable, and homeowners are left wondering how to open caulk tube in such a way that they can use it again months later.


Using Caulking on a Home Project


There are a wide range of uses for caulking and sealant tubes, from work in the bathroom to roofing to repairing windows and baseboard. The beauty of these products is that they’re incredibly easy to use on home projects with a caulking gun, which does most of the work in helping you put material where you need it.


The tip seals the tube at one end, which can be cut with a knife to produce any sized bead as desired: simply cut the tip closer to the top for a narrow bead and farther down for a wider bead. Once the caulking tube is in the gun, pressing the trigger will break the seal at the base and push material out the tip as needed.


How to Open Caulk Tube for Reuse


The unfortunate challenge with caulking/sealant materials is that they are freshest when sealed, and when the seal is broken they will only last so long in the tube. The effective strategy is to create a good air seal at both ends to keep the tube fresh. However, most existing solutions, like nails and wire caps, only seal one end and are difficult to use.


A product like StrapCap makes it easy since it seals both ends simultaneously and is easy to attach and remove from the tube. It’s tough figuring out how to open caulk tube and reuse them, but StrapCap snaps right on and off, transforming the way you store and use caulk. For more on StrapCap, click here. StrapCap is also available on Amazon.


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