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How do you Save Half Used Caulk Tubes For Reuse?

Updated: Mar 20

Anyone working on their home looking to do a quick repair struggles to know what to do with a half used caulking tube. Saving caulking tubes for later can be convenient and easy, preventing those trips to the hardware store and wasted caulk.


Why do Most Solutions for Saving Caulking not Work?


The average contractor has a few solutions for dealing with a tube of caulk, mainly because they intend to use the majority of the tube. However, these solutions are not ideal or very long term because they don’t effectively seal the tube for reuse.


Contractors will use on-the-site hardware like nails, wire caps, and plastic wrap with a rubber band or tie to seal off the tip. However, nails will get stuck in the tube when hardened, and in that instance the nail needs to be pried out. Conversely, wire caps will fall off easily and will not create a good seal.

Regardless, none of these solutions create an ideal long term seal on the back and front of the tube, and if the tube is left open for days, it will become tough to use. This presents a problem for both the homeowner and the contractor that needs the tube for a quick job.


How Do You Save Half Used Caulk with StrapCap?


The ideal solution straps onto both ends of the caulking tube, creating an effective seal without getting stuck on either end of the tube. StrapCap uses a nozzle and base to seal both ends, with a marine-grade bungee holding the two pieces together and creating an effective seal.


Using StrapCap will improve your workspace, keep things clean and make it easy to reuse caulking tubes at your convenience. Pick up StrapCap today at select Ace Hardware stores, or check out more on how you can save half used caulk by clicking here.

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