Why is StrapCap the Best Sealant Tube Cap Available?

Many homeowners and contractors need a good sealant tube cap in work and storage; what can StrapCap do to fix the problem?

Let’s face it: nobody likes a messy workspace, whether you’re a carpenter, plumber, engineer, or anything in-between. However, when you’re in the weeds, hard at work, it’s easy to have problems with keeping your work area clean and that can be quite frustrating.

A common example is with caulking tubes, and despite the wide variety of caulking and sealant products available, contractors always run into the same problem of constantly dealing with a mess. To make it more frustrating, a lot of caulking products start to harden and become unusable in weeks and even days after first use, meaning product oftentimes goes to waste.

Having a way to keep your sealant tube clean without wasting product would be ideal; but most makeshift solutions don’t get the job done or just come with their own drawbacks. So is there a good sealant tube cap solution available?

Makeshift Solutions for Sealant Tubes and Why They don’t Work

The average homeowner doing work around the house tends to try to keep it simple when it comes to their sealant tubes by using some paper towels or saran wrap to keep the mess to a minimum, but it gets annoying quickly. The seal tends to not do very well and when the wrap/towels stick to the tube, it just creates more of a mess!

Savvy construction workers on the job tend to stick a nail in the tube to seal things, which slows down the flow of the sealant but when the product starts to overflow it gets tough to handle.

Oftentimes, electricians will use wire-nuts and other materials to form a makeshift sealant tube cap, but since the makeshift solution does not adhere well to the tube, it doesn’t always hold. Whether you’re a worker on the job or a homeowner, you need a solution that adheres well to the sealant tube, keeping things secure and keeping your worksite mess-free.

Why StrapCap is the Best Sealant Tube Cap Available

The best solution for homeowners and contractors struggling with sealant products is StrapCap, because StrapCap attaches to any gun and can be used with any product! Using StrapCap as your sealant tube cap means you can quickly cover up your tube in between uses, and even keep it sealed in storage.

All you do is attach the marine grade bungee to the back of the caulking gun and you can easily pop the cap on and off the tube as needed. StrapCap even comes with a handy base to be used when you want to switch out tubes.

With StrapCap, you can keep your worksite clean and keep your products lasting longer, saving you time, money, and making life easier overall! To learn more about using StrapCap as your sealant tube cap, click here.

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