How to Store Caulking without Wasting Product

Many caulking products harden and expire quickly, figuring out how to store caulking while keeping the product fresh can save you time and money.

Whether you’re using RTV Silicone for a home repair or using construction adhesive on the job, caulking products are prevalent and used everywhere to perform work. These products also bring their own varying degrees of problems depending on how thick the material is and how fast/easily it solidifies.

Many people using caulking and sealants find that they either have problems with the material leaking while in work, and the tube hardens beyond use faster than they can complete weeks or even days of work. The mess is problematic, but constantly wasting tubes of product is worse, especially if you’re trying to save money and have weeks of work to do!

Figuring out how to store caulking in such a way that the material lasts longer can make life much easier for homeowners, employees, and business owners alike.

Problems with Using and Storing Caulking

Contractors and business owners alike tend to use tougher adhesives and materials such as construction adhesives and find that, not only does the caulking gun release not work very well, but the material hardens beyond use quite quickly.

On the other hand, many homeowners use something like silicone for quick work at home and find that, even if the caulking gun release is more effective, they still have problems with the silicone hardening within days. They use the material for quick work and then, the next time they need it, the material is not usable.

There aren’t many great solutions when it comes to figuring out how to store caulking. Many construction workers try to makeshift a cap or use a nail, but they find it’s not very effective and can get messy as well.

The ideal solution is a quick, easy-to-use cap that keeps things airtight without interfering without work.

How to Store Caulking and Sealant with StrapCap

The solution to caulking problems is StrapCap, a product designed to attach to the caulking gun or the caulking tube for work and storage! StrapCap includes a nozzle that keeps things sealed well and a marine grade bungee to keep the nozzle on tight.

The benefit to StrapCap is the bungee is adjustable and easily removable, meaning a contractor can quickly use the tube and pop the cap on in between work. In addition, StrapCap also comes with a handy base for storage.

StrapCap’s real appeal is that it keeps the work site mess-free, but the added benefit is that it extends the lifetime of just about any product! That means the homeowner doing quick repair and the contractor using expensive adhesives can save time, money, and keep the work place clean.

To learn more about how to store caulking with StrapCap, click here.

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