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How to Store Caulk After Use

Updated: Aug 16, 2023

Using caulking or sealant products can get challenging; so how can storing caulking tubes be done without your product expiring?

How to store caulking

StrapCap on a silicone tube next to a caulking gun dripping on a granite countertop.

Whether you’re a contractor or a homeowner, chances are you’ve used a caulking or sealant product before. From simple work like using RV sealant for a quick repair around the home to the plumber using sealant to repair leaky pipes, the average person has a caulking gun and some kind of sealant product.

More importantly, many people know the challenges of using products since they tend to make quite the mess and only have so much shelf life. Regardless of what you’re using the product for, odds are you won’t be able to finish the tube before the material expires.

With sealant products, the average user is looking for a better way to go about storing caulking tubes to keep their storage space clean and be able to effectively reuse their product. But what’s the secret to keeping your sealants lasting longer and keeping your workspace clean?

Common Methods for Sealing Caulk Tubes Don't Work

The average contractor has a few nifty tricks they use to attempt to keep their sealant lasting longer, but many of these methods have drawbacks. Oftentimes, contractors will use a nail or a makeshift cap such as a wire nut for storing caulking tubes.

Man wearing gloves applying caulking to a window sill

However, nails can be very messy, and oftentimes don’t create a good seal, so the nail hardens inside the tube and causes issues. Many contractors have experienced makeshift caps getting knocked off sealant tubes and causing leakage of material in their work trucks or their job sites.

The average person may think that simply leaving the sealant in the caulking gun and using the release will solve the problem, but unfortunately that does not work well with the vast majority of products due to built up pressure in the tube.

With problems in both using and storing caulking tubes, how can the average person keep their job site clean and their product lasting longer?

Why StrapCap is the Best for Storing Caulking Tubes

There are a host of benefits to using something as simple as StrapCap: not only does it keep sealant tubes clean in-between uses while working, but it can also be used with the handy base in storage.

How to Cap a Caulk Tube

StrapCap attaches directly to the caulking gun and keeps the cap firmly attached to the sealant tip, preventing leakage of product and keeping the product lasting much longer. StrapCap is tested and vetted to last longer with a host of products; and keeps your job site clean.

Gone are the days of wrapping plastic wrap on the tip of caulking tubes, or leaving a bundle of paper towels on the floor to manage the inevitable leak of product. StrapCap is easy enough to pop off, use your caulking gun, and reattach in between tasks.

Contractors and homeowners alike enjoy StrapCap for its quick and easy usage, from working on the job site to storing caulking tubes. If you're ready to try StrapCap, you can find it in our shop here.

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