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How to Seal a Caulking Tube for Reuse and Convenience

Updated: Mar 20

When taking on small projects at work or your home, it’s convenient to be able to save materials for later, like caulking tubes. Knowing how to seal a caulking tube for reuse can save you a lot of time and frustration when jobs come up, and it can even save you a little money, too!

What are the Challenges in Properly Resealing a Caulk Tube?

Many homeowners and professionals alike have used parts of a caulking tube and developed quick, easy solutions for sealing a caulking tube, like using Saran wrap, an electrical wire cap or a nail. Unfortunately, they’ll usually find the tube is either entirely unusable or incredibly difficult to use within a short period of time.

All of these solutions tend to either get stuck on the caulking tube and need to be pried out or don’t provide a good seal and the tube becomes useless. The challenge is that you need to seal both ends of the tube well in order to keep things secure, but these materials either don’t make a good air seal or they end up getting stuck.

How to Seal a Caulking Tube for Reuse with StrapCap

The best kind of seal is something similar to the wire cap, because it sits on the nozzle without getting stuck; however, the cap has nothing holding it in place and falls off or loosens too easily. The reason something like StrapCap is so effective here is that it provides a seal in the nozzle similar to the wire cap, but a marine grade bungee secures the tube in place to the base. The base seals the other end of the tube and keeps caulking fresh!

Figuring out how to seal a caulking tube for reuse can be quite frustrating, but StrapCap can make the job easy and convenient. To learn more about using StrapCap, click here.

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