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How to Save Caulking Tube Product and Use the Entire Tube

You’ve probably used a tube of caulking for a quick home renovation and stored the tube in hopes to use it again, only to find it unusable after a few short weeks. Learning how to save caulk tube material can save you time and hassle, and might even save you money too!

Why Saving a Tube of Caulking can be Challenging

Many a homeowner has had a very simple renovation or task to get done in the house – grab a tube of caulking from the nearest hardware store, do some quick work, and seal up the tube for later use. However, any contractor will tell you it’s not quite that simple. In fact, most professionals will do what they can to use up the whole tube as quick as possible to avoid needing to seal and reuse a tube later.

It’s tough determining how to save caulking tube material because most seals that are made with the tube nozzle are either ineffective or the tube gets hardened and jams. In fact, a lot of contractors will resort to just that, putting a nail in the tube and using their tools to pry the nail out to get what they can out of the tube.

How to Save Caulking Tube Material with StrapCap

The key to storing the caulking tube would be a cap that does not fall off and provides a good seal with the nozzle without getting stuck. In addition, a good seal needs to be made on the back of the tube as well. This is where StrapCap comes into play, sealing two pieces at the ends of the tube with a marine grade bungee.

Not only does StrapCap store tubes and improve the lifetime of most products, but it also can be used on the caulking gun while you’re working, keeping the mess to a minimum! To learn more when it comes to how to save caulking tube product with StrapCap, click here.

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