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How to Preserve Caulk Tube and Keep Tubes Reusable

Updated: Mar 20

Contractors and homeowners alike have a tough time determining how to preserve caulk tube for a months without the tube hardening. What is the best strategy to keep caulk tubes fresh long-term?

Why Don't Common Caulking Storage Methods Work?

StrapCap used in two ways to store caulk on or off a caulking gun

Oftentimes, a homeowner/contractor really needs to use a caulking tube for some quick patchwork and ends up spending money to acquire a fresh tube to do so. At that point, there are a few different strategies employed to keep the tube stored, but they all have their own drawbacks. One common contractor/worker strategy is to use a readily available twist-on wire connector to cap the nozzle.

This is done to ensure that the attachment doesn’t damage the tip, however, the big challenge is that the wire connector tends to fall off and doesn’t create that great a seal. Another strategy is using Saran wrap and a rubber band to make a really tight seal on the tip, but that tends to get stuck on the tip and doesn’t solve the issue of a proper seal.

How to Preserve Caulk Tube with a Proper Seal

The best way to preserve caulk tube is to make a good seal at both the tip of the nozzle and the back of the tube, which does let air in. To do so, the user wants something similar to a twist-on wire connector with some pressure to create a good seal and prevent the connector from falling off. In addition, sealing the base of the tube is essential to keep the tube fresh.

For a good way to preserve caulk tube and create a good seal, try out a product like StrapCap, which uses a tip on the nozzle attached with a marine grade bungee to the base to create a tight seal at both ends without having issues with the tip getting stuck to the nozzle. To learn more about StrapCap, click here.

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