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How to Open a Caulking Tube and Keep it Sealed for Later Use

Updated: Mar 20

You may be working on the job site or doing some quick tasks around the house and want to keep your space clean and have all of the tools readily available for use. Knowing how to open a caulking tube and keeping it cleaned and sealed for later use can help with improving the workplace.

Using Caulking Products: Pros and Cons

Chances are if you’ve owned a home, rented an apartment, or worked on some kind of job site, you’ve used a tube of caulking for some kind of work. Caulking and sealant are common tools for DIYers and professionals alike, and are very useful in efficiently laying a bead of material down where it's needed, be it working on baseboard/trim, plumbing, roofing, and more.

It’s relatively straightforward to understand how to open a caulking tube: the material is sealed at both ends, so you cut the tip to create the right sized opening (which varies depending on the material viscosity) and press on the back of the tube using the trigger on a caulking gun.

However, letting air into the tube does create challenges later on; if you are looking to store the tube and use it for a later date, you’ll need to effectively seal both ends.

How to Open a Caulking Tube and Use it Effectively with StrapCap

Caulking is easy enough to open and use, but it can get quite messy on the job site when you need to set it down between uses, and the tube does have a lifespan where it will start to harden and get tougher to use. The best tool to add to your caulking gun is StrapCap, which seals the caulking nozzle while you’re working and seals both ends in storage.

Users have found that StrapCap significantly increases the lifetime of the majority of their caulking products, meaning they can easily store the tube and use it later! To learn more about StrapCap, click here.

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