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How to Keep an Open Sealant Tube Fresh

Updated: Mar 20

Oftentimes, homeowners will have an open sealant tube for a quick do-it-yourself project. But how do they keep the tube sealed and stored so they can use the tube months or even weeks later?

Why are Sealant Tubes Difficult to Reuse?

Many a homeowner has bought a sealant tube for a quick job, done a task around the house, and developed a makeshift plug for the tube to store it for later. However, they will find that in a short period of time, the tube hardens and becomes unusable, which is quite inconvenient and frustrating. Once a sealant tube has been opened and air is let in, it’s tough to reseal it in an effective manner.

Contractors and professionals run into the same issues too, often vying for nails or screws to plug the tip, or a wire nut or makeshift cap attached on. However, these solutions will either end up getting stuck and force you to spend too much time yanking the nail out, or they are loose and will end up not sealing the tube well enough to reuse.

An open sealant tube can be quite obnoxious because it lets air in at both ends once it’s opened, so the solution needs to seal the tube at both ends without coming loose at either side.

How StrapCap can Make your Open Sealant Tube Reusable

The ideal solution with an open sealant tube is something like StrapCap, which attaches a cap onto the tip of the tube and a base onto the back of the tube, and keeps the parts attached to each other and the tube with a marine-grade bungee.

This makes an effective seal without getting stuck on the tube, keeping the product fresh and giving the user an easy way to remove and reattach. Plus, StrapCap attaches to the caulking gun while you’re working, keeping things clean as you go!

StrapCap is the most effective tool to have with your open sealant tube, saving you time and making your life convenient. To get your hands on StrapCap today, click here!

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