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How to Efficiently use a Tube of Caulk

Updated: Mar 20

Whether you’re a homeowner or working on a job site, chances are you’ve used a tube of caulk. What are the challenges with caulking and how can you be efficient and not waste material?

Using a Caulking Tube: Pros and Cons

StrapCap in use on a Caulking Gun sealing interior trim.

One of the most frustrating aspects of purchasing any material with an expiration is not getting to use most of what you purchased, essentially wasting money. This is especially common with a tube of caulk, which has such a wide spread in terms of cost that many contractors are especially frugal in their purchasing of tubes to guarantee they use everything they purchased to keep costs down. If they do have to store it, they’ll use something like a twist-on wire cap or some other method to wrap and seal the tube to keep the product lasting longer.

This becomes even more frustrating for the homeowner, because the average user will end up using the tube once or twice on a quick job around the house and then store it for months, only to find it hardened and useless. Constantly having to purchase a tube of caulk to just waste the majority of the tube is quite frustrating, and the ideal solution would be storage that keeps the tube fresh.

The Benefit of Using StrapCap with a Tube of Caulk

With the goal of being efficient with using caulking and not wanting to waste material or make a mess, an ideal solution would be StrapCap. StrapCap attaches to the caulking gun so you can attach it in between uses, keeping the mess to a minimum between running beads of caulk. Plus, using a StrapCap along with the base keeps the tube of caulk sealed at both ends, prevent air from getting in and keeping tubes lasting for months and even years!

To learn more about how StrapCap can make life easier for you whether you’re a DIY user or a contractor, click here.

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