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How do you Seal a Caulking Tube for Reuse without the Tube Hardening?

Contractors and homeowners alike have tried everything, from tape and nails to wire caps. Learn more about why that won’t work.


The Problems with Sealing a Caulking Tube


If you’ve ever done any work on your house, chances are you’ve used a caulking tube to do some level of work, and generally the tube you acquire is overkill for the work or repair work needed. The average homeowner spends money on a tube, uses it once, and aims to seal it for later, only to find that later the tube is hardened and unusable.


This problem isn’t unique to homeowners: frustrated contractors tend to stick a nail or some other hardware in the tube tip to seal it, only to have to struggle to yank out their new seal and find the tube can’t be used as effectively. The problem is the seal made up top is not very good, but when you use a tube you also break the seal in the back.


To seal the tube effectively, you need a good seal at both ends, else you’ll deal with one end of the tube or the other hardening and creating issues for later.


How do you Seal a Caulking Tube for Reuse Effectively?


The best solution for sealing your caulking tube is StrapCap, which uses a nozzle and base to cover and create an effective seal at both ends of the tube, held together by an adjustable, marine grade bungee.

No more struggling to rip a nail out of the tip or throwing away a half-used tube; StrapCap is guaranteed to keep the tube fresh for years!


In addition, you can use StrapCap while you’re working to prevent the tube from leaking all over the place, keeping your workplace clean. StrapCap is available now at Lowes and Ace Hardware!


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