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Best Way to Manage an Open Caulk Tube

Updated: Mar 20

It’s common to plug an open caulk tube with a nail or a makeshift cap, but this generally doesn’t work well. What is the best way to seal a caulking tube for later use?

The Challenges with Sealing a Caulking Tube

Whether you’re fixing something around the house or working on a construction/job site, chances are you’ve used some kind of caulking tube.

There are a wide variety of professional tasks that need some kind of caulking or sealant product, and using a caulking gun to run beads of caulking is quick and easy on a job site or at the house.

However, caulking tubes are very messy and tend to leak, and the break on the caulking seal makes it tough to seal the tube well.

Common solutions include sticking a nail in the tip or wrapping Saran wrap around the tip, but both of these present similar problems where the tube will inevitably dry up because the seal has been broken on both ends of the tube.

What are the Benefits of Using StrapCap on an Open Caulk Tube?

To properly seal an open caulk tube, you need some way to seal both ends of the tube without using something that will get easily stuck in/on the tube. The reason a product like StrapCap works so well is because the nozzle is held on the caulking gun or the tube using an adjustable bungee, and the nozzle will very easily pop off the tube tip.

StrapCap can be used on the caulking gun while you’re working or, with the addition of the base, can be stored and create a good seal.

This improves the life of the caulking product you acquired, saving you time, money, and making life a lot more convenient! For more on using StrapCap on an open caulk tube, click here.

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